San Diego Friends Meeting (Quakers)


Welcome to
San Diego Friends Meeting.

We meet every Sunday from 10:30am to 11:30am for shared, silent worship.  In our Quaker tradition, waiting on God in silence is at the center of our spiritual practice. 

Due to Coronavirus Covid-19, meetings are currently being held on Zoom. 

3850 Westgate Place 
San Diego CA 92105
Our location is easily accessible from three freeways - 94, 15, 805.

Contact us for details:

The Religious Society of Friends - also known as Quakers - is present and active here in San Diego.

Our time together looks like sitting quietly together; listening if someone is moved to speak; shaking hands when worship ends; and greeting those around us.

Please feel free to ask the person who ends the worship any questions you might have after Worship.

As you head west on Home Ave - look for the signs directing you to SD Friends Meeting (Quakers) - turn right on Gateway - then right again on 39th - then take the first left onto Westgate Place.  Photos above will help you find your way.

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